THESE Are the Absolute Best Crystals for Aquarius Season

THESE Are the Absolute Best Crystals for Aquarius Season
Jan 2023

Aquarius season is upon us, with its futuristic, humanitarian vibe that propels us toward eccentricity and innovation. What better way to embrace everything the Aquarius energy offers than to explore and discover the best crystals for this delightful sign?
Whether you're an Aquarius, soaking in the amplified energy of Uranus, or simply trying to make the most of this season, these crystals will help you ramp up the Aquarian vibes.
But first, let's look at the positive and negative traits that make Aquarians so unique and utterly unforgettable.
Aquarius Personality Traits
Aquarians are unique, easy-going, and inventive. However, they can also come across as detached or lacking emotional depth. If Aquarius can learn to open their heart and share their feelings, they make wonderful partners and friends; their hearts are big, and they genuinely care for those around them.
The Best Crystals for 2023 Aquarius Season
1. Aquamarine
Aquamarine is a courageous stone that comes in shades of light green with a slight translucence. This stone helps Aquarians gather the strength they need to tackle their goals and dreams, which are often very lofty. Aquarians want to save the world, and aquamarine is a stone that can give them the motivation and bravery they need to do so.
This crystal soothes fear and eliminates negativity. It is also a mentally stimulating stone that will help you focus. Set an aquamarine crystal next to you while you read, study, or watch educational materials, and you will be more focused than ever.
2. Black Onyx
Aquarians are prone to bottling their emotions, eager to keep their issues to themselves. Aquarius may need help learning how to share their feelings with others, and black onyx is a crystal that can help facilitate this process.
Beyond this, black onyx repels negative energy and helps you face your fears. This crystal also works to reduce self-doubt and increase confidence.
3. Amethyst
This stone is connected to Aquarian energy and will help you get in touch with your higher self. Amethyst connects you to your intuition, helping you better hear any spiritual guidance that flows your way.
Amethyst reduces stress and increases willpower, making this the best stone to turn to in times of extreme duress. Amethyst helps you avoid negative habits, allowing you to deal with your stressors with strength and clarity.
4. Labradorite
Labradorite is a magical stone that benefits every sign for different reasons. This is a stone of transformation, a concept that is near and dear to the Aquarian heart. Labradorite was thought by Inuit people to have fallen straight from the colors of the Aurora Borealis, imbuing it with mystical energy.
This crystal contains shimmers and sparkles that reflect its magical nature. Labradorite protects the aura, allowing you to reflect any negative external energy. It will help you feel strong and safe during moments of turbulence. This stone helps us see the truth and hear guidance from our higher, spiritual self.
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5. Garnet
Garnet is known to connect to Aquarian energy and is recommended for any Aquarius to work with. This crystal is also known as the Stone of Commitment, and it will help you stay focused on your goals and dreams for the future.
With increased focus and determination, this crystal helps you tackle any item on your to-do list, which will bring you closer to your goals. Garnet also provides emotional strength during times of duress.
6. Hematite
Aquarius is an Air sign; sometimes, it needs some help connected to the Earth. Hematite is a stone that brings grounding energy to those who work with it and will help you feel rooted within the Earth.
While Air energy makes you more intellectual and inventive, Earth energy helps you feel productive enough to make those ideas come to life. This stone also reduces stress and worry.
7. Angelite
Angelite is a crystal that assists in communication and will help you feel more comfortable opening up to those around you.
Not only does this stone help with matters of communication, it increases your spiritual energy, helping you connect to your guides. Angelite is a soothing crystal that reduces negative emotions and helps you deal with strong feelings.
Embracing Aquarius Energy
These crystals will help you embrace the creative, intelligent energy of Aquarius season. Or, if you're an Aquarius yourself, these crystals can help you year-round. The eccentric, original energy of Aquarius is something that can be felt and should be celebrated.
So, gather your Aquarius crystals and make your own ritual, soaking in the unique energy of the season.