Mercury & Uranus Direct: No Excuses

Mercury & Uranus Direct: No Excuses


'Moon Night Thinking' By Arkhip Kuindzhi, between 1876 and 1890 {{PD}}

I don't mean to be unkind, but every time I hear someone lament how a retrograde planet is screwing up their lives, I want to scream. Or at least say, That planet represents an energy influence, not an energy directive-how you meet it is how it behaves. By that I mean, if you are open to what that energy is showing you, you can respond appropriately. It's in resisting, insisting on doing things the way we always have, or in believing events have nothing to tell you that the disturbing results of a retrograde become truly negative. In my view a retrograde isn't 'doing things to us', it's showing us what might be backward in our own behavior or approach, or what needs attention that we've put to the side as not important enough to put our energy into.
Now, you may argue that something like mechanical mess-ups during a Merc retro, for instance, are outside anything we control; but I would argue problems with like items are symbolic of what's not working in our own choices or actions, in our own ability to process information, or to understand what's coming at us. Mechanical/ electronic issues can also signal matters of the nervous system/ nerve impulses, intellectual processing/ cognitive ability, lungs, or dissonance between what we have in our minds and what we're actually communicating. There are myriad ways breakdown of a machine can speak to us of other life areas-we just have to listen in a way that sees everything in our lives as a whole, rather than as unrelated, discrete parts.
Mercury goes direct on the 18th just before 1:12 PM PST at 8 Capricorn 08, with the first two aspects it will perfect after direction a quincunx to stationary direct Mars and a trine to the North Node. Merc in Capricorn seeks solid ground: facts, systems and structures, concrete conditions (which can making thinking far too literal), rules to think by-or perhaps, rules to follow so one doesn't have to think! The contact to Mars says we start to examine our own choices and actions in real-world terms-we ask ourselves what impact these have had-and we then want to assess, see where we need to adjust either thinking or doing so that things are more in line with what we want (and that may be to make us more comfortable, aligning things with the status quo or with already-in-place structures, with the intent of modifying later-the quincunx). A trine to the North Node says we easily keep our life direction in mind when making modifications to action and thought-so no need to worry that we'll act against our true direction, or take ourselves off track.
Uranus goes direct on the 22nd, a full day after the New Moon, at 14 Taurus 56 (with the heavies time of turnaround isn't vital, we just need to know generally when). This happens about 5 hours after being squared by the Moon in Aquarius, suggesting an emotional or intuitive jolt that brings a shift in perspective, probably related to matters of the House in the natal chart Uranus is currently transiting or the House in the natal chart Uranus rules (that's the one with Aquarius).
Sometimes Uranus is referred to as the 'higher octave' of Mercury, so it wouldn't surprise me if the two directions aren't all of a piece, involving a lot of rethinking-which may surprise, as we usually come out of a retrograde period all thunk out, so to speak. Expect a surprise or two, and an unusual amount of needed review, especially in areas that seem already firmly established. And remember, you're in charge of how you respond to these bad boys-direct or retrograde, they don't run you!